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See the thing with this though is...judging by how you rate yourself on drums, I wouldn't be surprised if you could teach me a thing or twenty on keys >_>
Well, I appreciate the compliment, but I would consider you better than me. I'm left handed, so it's hard for me to play keys. I want to lead with my left hand, not my right, so I usually need to record polyrhythmic lines in layers.

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Let's do it! How do you usually go about collabs? Do you have any random guitar tracks just sitting around? Or would you want to do something completely new?
I usually write something new with someone. This is the last collab I did with a pianist:

I normally work in MIDI, but in this case, the pianist (Michael Neal) recorded a piano track then I wrote the rest of the song around it.

As long as I know the tempo and key, I can be pretty flexible on it.
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