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Hello again. I've thought of a few more questions, if anybody would mind asking:
  • Will Sonic retain his nerfed Thok and Acceleration abilities shown in F. Sonic?
  • Will Tails finally have unique swimming animations? Also, will his tails be separate sprites like in TailsCD?
  • I thought I heard from somewhere that a lot of old and unused assets will be removed. Is this true?
  • In your opinion, do you think this update will be bigger than v2.0?
  • Will the server selection screen be updated? If so, will it show more information currently only shown on the Master Server website?
  • Is MotorRoach redoing the current textures and flats in addition to the character sprites?
  • Will there be any new Easter Eggs in v2.2? (If so, don't spoil them)
  • About the music tracks being altered, will the silence in the beginning of some MIDI tracks be removed? Also, will the pitch of THZ1's MIDI track be updated?
  • Since the cloud textures in Greenflower Zone are being changed, will this cause the clouds on the title screen to be changed, too?
  • Does this update contain enough internal changes to break most mods?
  • Will the Character Select be removed in favor of choosing characters on the file select screen?
  • I need those Big sprites
Thank you!
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