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Happy Birthday to me! It's time for an update I was originally gonna release 3 days ago to kick the year off... oops. To cap off my "Birthday Update Spree on the M.B." This mod has been-

Updated to:
Version 8.1

-Badnik Citadel's Ear-destroying music track has been replaced with a much more simple and less ear-destroying theme. Minor bugs in the stage have been fixed as well.

-(Minor and related) Fixed a bug involving Metal Knuckles and the custom intermission screen in Competition Mode.

-Robo-Hood has now gotten a difficulty update! In the stage there are 4 boss waypoints that were never used in the original. I'm assuming the creator didn't find a method to have the boss randomly teleport to any of the waypoints and instead have it follow the player during it's retaliation attack. Now that it's been fixed, try NOT to get hit off of the stage by Robo-Hood Elite's Super Arrows and Super Mace, as you will now get launched off into the pit below. (Usually you were not able to fall into the pit because of the fact that players learned to lure the boss into the pit during the retaliation attack, ending the boss sooner than expected.)

-Mecha Sonic's coding gets a slight facelift. The new Damage system is much MUCH less buggy, and if you're skilled enough you can score two hits at a time during the first phase. (Minor update: If you're the kind of modder that likes to shamelessly insert bosses, you don't have to worry about any random glitches or unintended situations to happen when inserting Mecha Sonic and his Master Emerald Super Form.
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