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I've been looking into this, and I can't seem to find any way to store control modifications through lua without potentially screwing up netplay. And if that's going to be the case, then we're pretty much stuck with fire being on the fire key and ball being on the spin key. Popularity of either option aside, I'm going with the current setup because spin is bound to certain things like dropping from hangers, which prevents the character from hanging while firing if fire is set to the spin key. Meanwhile, fire on the fire key works more intuitively with match, whereas using custom1 in addition to spin would needlessly add more buttons to the mix, due to the player still needing the fire button for weapon rings.

If it's any issue, my suggestion is to create a script for yourself so that you can switch the binds to match your preferred proto layout more easily.

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V1.2 Update Notes

* Rolled back 2DAxis bullet curving
* Normalized Proto for Sky Labyrinth (SUGOI)

* Fixed Proto not working on Sky Labyrinth
* Fixed Proto being small while dead

* Proto's dash can now destroy Knuckles-only walls
* Reduced Proto's friction slightly while in ball form
* Significantly increased Crawla Commander V2.0's chance of firing while in pinch state (0.3% -> 10%)

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