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Originally Posted by nothing View Post
To be honest, I was perfectly fine with it being the spin button. I dislike having to change my keyboard controls just to get used to a character.
I will look further into customizable controls. If I'm unable to do anything extensive, I'll at least add "classic" controls as an option.

Originally Posted by Nomekop View Post
Tested with Clock Towers, its still broken. Then again, if its an update that works specifically with a later version of Axis2D that isn't in clock towers, I could understand.
At the time I was only using the Axis2D Example for testing. The problem may be that the bullet is hitting walls and thus getting destroyed prematurely. I'll look into this.

Otherwise, I like the changes, but part of me wishes that the ball form had less friction, so it could take more advantage from speed pads for example.
That, I can probably do. I'll play around with it and see if I can find a good balance. Unfortunately there's nothing else I can do for Proto around slopes, since there isn't yet any lua functionality that deals with those kinds of sectors.

Also, to those interested in that sort of thing: Proto can beat SRB2 Heroes version of Rail Station, but only because they can make a long jump to bypass the power character only section. Maybe give the boost ball knuckles level breaking, to add compatibility with those sorts of things? I know, its probably a bit much to ask, as this is the only level pack where it is required for completion, but it might be nice to have for exploration in other packs?

Maybe if there were multiple charge levels for the boost ball...
This is an easy change, I'll include it into the next release.

Originally Posted by Nomekop View Post
Found two bugs: sometimes, if you jump upwards through a clippable downward moving FOF, you will rocket into the air, and if you die in morph ball form, your death sprite will be much smaller.
For the former bug, can you give me an example map and area so that I can replicate this?

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