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[22:49] <SeventhSentinel> I have no mic
[22:49] <Nekoishi> well
[22:49] <SeventhSentinel> And no Mumble installed either lol
[22:49] <Nekoishi> i don't have one either and i'm still there
[22:49] <Nekoishi> oh
[22:49] <Nekoishi> thats okay
[22:49] <TestDummy> Oh god Mumble, so hard to install.
[22:49] <Larztard> ^lol
[22:49] <TestDummy> It totally doesn't walk you through the process or anything.

This is honestly how I feel when people say that don't have a particular program for their PC. I'm going to start saying this more to my friends lol.
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