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<Boinciel> I want to do a rewatch of wixoss too, but I'm almost at my bandwidth cap
<Wolfy> Boinciel, this early into the month?
<Wolfy> or does it not reset monthly?
<Boinciel> it resets on the 20th
<Boinciel> or the 23rd
<Boinciel> somewhere in there
<Boinciel> cap's 15 gigs
<Wolfy> damn
<Wolfy> bandwidth caps really do suck
<Boinciel> after that I'm slowed to 50kb/s
<Wolfy> :(
<Wolfy> damn canadian internet
<Boinciel> so whether it's a torrent or a free file host doesn't even matter at that point lmao
<Wolfy> does your phone have data?
<Boinciel> that's what i'm using
<Boinciel> tethering internet from my phone because i'm too cheap to have actual internet installed
<Wolfy> lol
<Wolfy> i'm sure it saves you a shitload though
<StreamingSentinel> Alright back to SRB1
<Boinciel> why is there no sound streamingsentinel
<Boinciel> RIP
<Boinciel> just hit data cap
<Boinciel> no streams for me
<Mystic> and meanwhile I'm thinking this is a shitty torrent with only 2 MB/s
<Boinciel> Can I steal your internet
<Mystic> you'd have to move into civilization first
I'm deleting WOW + FURYHUNTER your not int his BLAPCK robo ass memes because that was a bad pun MonsterIestyn

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