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Originally Posted by CoatRack View Post
The next planned level is...
Flying Battery Zone
I wonder if you'll give players the ability to trigger the magnets? I'd love to be able to see the spike-balls and platforms have an effect on game-play. It would become quite a competition for whether to magnetize everything or not, due to the various paths players need to take, so you can decide whether to go grab the rail or stay safe and get other things.

Now if only we could get the iron boots... We could walk on the ceiling! Yeah.. no..

Originally Posted by tee2330 View Post
I think it's much more interesting to see old 2D levels turned into a 3D single player level, though it was a cool idea to remake starlight zone
As far as I've played Sonic Robo Blast 2, it's what it feels like; classic Sonic game-play warped into a 3D environment with (mostly) classic physics and behavior.

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