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Originally Posted by r543 View Post
For a second I thought that this would be a april fools joke.
I'm surprised that this got into the release forums, which is nice, so more stuff that should be accepted gets accepted(this one is a joke character but it's HMS).
Yeah, it was accepted due to the new rulings on joke wads. You can thank Whackjood for that.

Originally Posted by r543 View Post
I thought about some extra abilities:
Whirlwind shield(gives HMS the double jump of the skin)
Make the purple"whatever it is" stuff in THZ work like water for HMS, so he can move easier in that.
Not really possible or necessary. HMS jumps incredibly high, and shields can't stack anymore.

As for the buoyant liquid, most of that has to do with the way the level is designed. Not entirely sure if I could/should do something about that

Originally Posted by r543 View Post
Now about the bugs:
Super and Attraction Shield carry over to other skins
Isn't it possible to fix this by checking for the character and removing the shield from them ?
Some mobjs are deleted/killed on contact if not on a whitelist
Does this create crashes or something like that ? and what are mobjs ? Objects ?
Yes, at the expense of the player's ability to use attraction shields. Complex coding may fix this but at what cost? As of now this isn't a priority since it'll cause more problems than it'll fix.

As for the issue with mobjs, adding them to the white list is easy so if they're reported, I can fix on the double.

Originally Posted by r543 View Post
Chaos Controlling into certain sectors can kill you
Maybe this could be fixed by checking if the player can stand there. Chaos Controlling got me killed multiple times in GFZ(in 1 near the tunnel, in 2 near the end of the act)
Chaos Control was coded by HellHawkX. I didn't work on any of the collision coding either, I only found resources for coding it. If you'd like to give him pointers, drop him a message.

Originally Posted by r543 View Post

HMS's frames will freeze after finishing a level

Does this happen because he turned super ?
Yes. Not on any priority to fix.

Originally Posted by r543 View Post
One of HMS's walking frames doesn't have the red eyes and I think that one of his super frames should be changed, it's no problem for me but I can see why it would be a problem for some people.
HMS is missing a lot of edge "balance" frames, maybe add them for the next release ?
Never thought that HMS would return that fast to srb2, but lua allows a lot.
Sprites have not been touched aside from transform frames, nor will they be. If I were to modify the original sprites from this, that would ruin the point entirely. As for the transform frames, I asked for numerous opinions before deciding on the frame. If anyone would like to complain, drop me a message and you can ruin the fun.

Originally Posted by r543 View Post
This wad allowed me to test super knuckles in singleplayer, and I found something interesting: the flying enemies(sorry, forgot their name, the ones that shoot) in AGZ can hit super characters, which removes 10 rings.
Not a bug; HMS relies on Match super which has ring drain. Without HMS's BossKill™ code active, other characters will lose rings on contact.
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