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Originally Posted by Jasper the Fox View Post
No, Jasper is not my real name. I used to refer Jasper as a fox for a long time, and I simply went with the obligatory naming of fan characters. Now I don't see him as a ~true~ fox at all and it's driving me nuts to have that name.
You can always PM an admin and politely ask if they can change it. They likely will.
Originally Posted by SSNTails View Post
Sonikku banned my 'Tails' account from the SRB2 message board as a joke and couldn't figure out how to unban me. So I made a new account, prepending 'SSN' for my website at the time,
This has been one of my greatest questions in life and now that it has been answered I can die a content death.

Anyway, when Myspace was still a thing way back, one of my sister's friends (an especially eccentric one, I might add) didn't use her name on her Myspace, but rather "Jellybones". I liked it a lot for whatever reason. I also found out there is a song called Jellybones- I used to dislike it but my taste has grown a bit, it's a nice little song now.

Sometimes I go by Jollybeans. It's just an amusing anagram.

I also used to go by Hersheys when I first began frequenting message boards as a kid (circa 2005-2006). Why, no idea. But you can look up the username here on this board and find a whiny sixth grader who is just so confused as to why SRB2 is taking so long to finish and how to reset the game. (I'd forgotten that account's info long ago, hence why I made this one) What does my signature even mean?

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