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Added a new feature.

You can now drag and drop files and directories into the file list. Dragging in a directory recursively adds all the files it holds, and all the files from its sub directories. It has no limit right now, so don't drag in your hard drive for example, because that could end badly.

It automatically filters it to all the "supported" file types; I'll add a custom filter at some point.

I also added a little speed up to the file list. If you for some reason select everything and hit remove to clear the list as opposed to hitting CTRL+N, it'll use the proper method to clear the whole list instead of removing each file individually, since that's kind of redundant.

I also organized a bit, but that doesn't really have any effect for the end user.

This brings the version up to 1.5.1.
Edit: Whoops, forgot to disable some code test shenanigans. Re-download if you already did.

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