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---<(Single Player)>---
Name: Greenflower Sunset
User: Fawfulfan
Rating: 6/10
Review: I don't know what to say about this one, really, as the others explained it better than I might of. More checkpoints needed as the ones between Checkpoint 1 & 2 were too far from each other if you ask me, it's still a decent level, but needs some work on it.


Name : Flower Cave
User: Miles Knuckle Prower

Rating: 2/10
Review: Ah... Emerald Hunt, haven't see you in awhile, also... why is the music slow? It sounds like Dark Green Hill Zone, also... what's with the massive Rock Spam? It's already hard to get one of the emeralds which you need to hit the Red Spring in the water not to mention that the Rocks are waiting to kill you in that spot.

Did Senku give you permission to use those enemies?


Name: Sparkling Icecap
User: Thompson

Rating: 7/10
Review: While this is a nice map and all, lag, lag, and... more lag, which cripples gameplay as you have to fight with it also... the puzzle areas such as the Ice Blocks didn't make sense... I can break the clear ones by jumping into them, but for these solid ones, I have to spin into them... but... how does one spin into them when you can't get a clear shot? Oh wait... you have to SPIN & JUMP, oh hey... a way out.

I liked the idea of this area where you break this ice block and the water above it freezes solid. That was neat, oh and by the way... if your going to be using rising lava in a laggy room, PLEASE make it like real lava and not orange slime, it's annoying when you can't make your mark and you fall into the lava and your forced to die if you are too far in it.


Name: Frozen Hillside Zone Act 1
User: Blade
Rating: 10/10
Review: I can't seem to find any issues with this map at all. No complaints whatsoever.


Name: Stronghold Forest Act 1
User: KO.T.E

Rating: 9/10
Review: Better than the first one in Chaos Domain, I have to say that. Also... what's this? The Crawla Tank? Isn't hit suppose to take 3 hits or something or was that the other one?


Sonic can thok through these wooden bars, should of made them thicker. =\


Name: Jadeflower Act 3
User: blahblahbal

Rating: 3/10
Review: Seems short and I can't seem to explain anything else about it as the other voters already mentioned some words about this... also... shallow lava that doesn't hurt the player... what?


There, Single Player down. Didn't vote on the DQ maps unless it's needed to do so.

Fixed a few typos... *God I need a new keyboard dang it...*
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