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Haven't done a proper playthrough of the port yet since I've been busy updating all of the Mystic Realm articles on the Wiki, but I just wanted to point out a few bugs.

In Prismatic Angel Acts 1 and 2, the level header says:
ForceCharacter = 0
ForceCharacter = -1
This breaks the ForceCharacter on those levels. Also, PAZ3 is missing NoPerfectBonus = 1 from its header. You might want to enable it for AGZ3 too, the perfect bonus is ridiculously easy to get in that stage.

ROCKWL08 and ROCKWL09 are rendered redundant by THZCRACK and MMCRACK.

EDIT: And now that I've played through Mystic Realm, one more bug. Since the emerald stages have LevelSelect = 1, any save file that has non-emerald Aerial Garden 4 beaten has easy access to them without having to find the Mystic Temples. The problem is that the only way to fix this is to either move SPStage_End to Mystic Realm Zone or disable LevelSelect for the emerald stages. Personally, If I had to choose, I would take the former since Tails and Knuckles can still get into level select via the unlocked secrets menu.

Oh, and this isn't a bug, but is there any reason why the AGZFLR flats in the WAD are upside down? :x

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