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Originally Posted by Fawfulfan View Post
I have to say, that's the only thing I'm irritated about with this new release--the old save files for scr_mysticrealm20v5.wad are not compatible, so I have to start all over again.
Blame me. In v4.4 I believe, Mystic added emblems to a few stages that didn't have any beforehand to bump the emblem count up to 75. Of course, he didn't want to break compatibility with old save states, so the emblems were added at the end of the list. To make the MAINCFG less confusing, I took the opportunity to sort them in the correct order because the old save states from v1.09.4 wouldn't work anyway. Of course, the ones from the port betas won't work now, because as far as I know, none of them includes my changes. And no, I didn't care one bit about compatibility with the betas, because you should enjoy hunting for those emblems anyway ;)
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