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Originally Posted by nightmare cenz View Post
It was better than the old Srb2 Single Player Levels.
That's not hard.

Anyways, it feels kinda old IMO, but after playing through again yesterday, I found out how strangely fun it is despite how old it feels. The problem is that all of its gimmicks are a few years old and thus feel natural to us. (The freezing water and the green acid that insta-kills, for example.)
It is still the basic example of what a mod can do, and I think it doesn't need to have 2.0's features to maintain its charme.
That doesn't mean that it's THE best thing around, Verdant Forest and Silver Cavern are pretty bad IMO and many other levels are average as well. There seem to be some people who hold it in very high regard, which I cannot understand. Mystic himself said that this mod feels pretty uninspired in comparison to SRB2.
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