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Originally Posted by Hyperknux
Would it be possible for Super Knuckles to be pink? him being yellow as super form is a bit weird IMO.
The reason all 3 super forms are bright yellow is to make them more visually easy to pick out. Bright yellow is one of the easiest colors to see and is very incredibly noticable in all situations.

Originally Posted by Whackjood
Righto, just a thought I had about the super forms while reading this. If it's possible to keep the super form up indefinitely by being able to dodge incoming fire and grab rings on the fly so you never hit 0 rings, wouldn't that make the Super form a bit overpowered?
Any time you're hit you lose 10 rings, and there is no flashing time for super forms. Hence, if someone unloads automatic into you you'll lose your super form rather quickly. Scatter and Automatic serve as very natural super form counters.
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