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Originally Posted by Lat'";758614]Well, actually, if he manages to make a port of this mod for 2.1 and its emblem system, I wish him luck for setting up his Score emblems.
BTW, Most of the acts on this mod are [SIZE="1
f[/SIZE]awfuly long, which makes the player only want to end the level and skip all the exploration that is present here.
About Spacewalk, I managed to beat it the first time, I given up at the act 2 because it was fucking slow, long, and boring... I would maybe create the whole zone/scrap it if I was you, a proof is that you added a SKIP button...
AAZ is really challenging tough, but tedious as Sonic... The levels are long (over 10:00!!)and all I wanted was actually end this (Or using exitlevel if it worked in singleplayer) for both acts... Anyways, porting this wouldn't be such an enormous pain, as textures just have to be single images, SOCs are not that hard to port, and most of the levels should work properly, an exception would maybe be Gritty Collums 2.
While I will agree that probably over half of the levels in this game go on longer than a normal act should, I've never felt that the length caused me to not want to explore, or skip half the level. Quite the opposite, in fact. I much prefer long levels to short level, tho, so I may be biased in that regard.

Perhaps breaking up many of the zones into 3 acts and a Boss act might help the pacing for some people. It'd also be nice if SRB2 got with the times and let you reload your save file from act 2 or 3 of a zone, because I have run into times when I just don't feel like doing the second act at the moment. Having a completed save file negates the problem, but it's still a problem for first-time players.

Originally Posted by EvilEnternity3000 View Post
The game should end after Liftoff Gantry with a cutscene of Sonic's rocket crashing into a mountain, and "The End" in fancy font fading in on the screen.
And then Sonic appears on screen and asks if you collected all the hidden library cards.
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