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Having some problems with finding Knuckles' emblem for Alien Armageddon Act 1. According to the wiki, "After the chamber where you have to defeat two Crawla Commanders to proceed, at the entrance to the room full of boiling quicksand, turn left and climb the castle wall. The emblem is at the top."

So i'm trying to follow the instructions. After defeating the Commanders, i went forward. There was a swinging chain i had to use to get to the upper area, and i did so. A few steps shortly i was back outside where you could see the background, and like the wiki said, i saw tons of boiling quicksand.

I proceeded to turn left but there was no castle wall, it was just a regular rocky wall. I climbed up it anyway. No emblem in sight. There were a few castle walls here and there in the area, i climbed up them but i saw no emblem. I pretty much glided and climbed everywhere in the area, i couldn't find it. Is the information from the wiki outdated, or am i just missing something?
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