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Kill me if this is something really simple to fix please, 'kay?

Okay, seriously, I didn't think I'd have to post this here. I thought it was just me. But it's happening to every server for some reason. It's NOT our internet screwing up, it's NOT our faults ('least I don't think so), it's something bigger.

Now, what's the problem you ask? Well, basically, once a server gets remotely popular, like near full slots, (The ones I've been on anyway) everyone in the server will notice their ping sky rocket. It does NOT go down, and stays at 800+ regardless of the host's actions. Re-hosting fixes the problem, yet it still does the same thing afterwards eventually. Sometimes you can go a long time hosting without the error, but sometimes it can occur within like a minute of people joining. This is becoming a really annoying issue. It could be something simple, yet it could be something as major as a "targeted" netbombing.

Servers it's happened to:
Some guy I didn't get the name of,
I think Knuckles T.E *FF*.

The amount of servers it happens to is ridiculous, however, logging onto my and viewing logs shows suspicious activity; "admin log on from" The IP leads into the United States, and putting SRB2 next to it in Google Search takes you to the Master Server. It might be the Master Server's IP, but who knows. It might be just me getting this error in particular. It might not even be an error to do with the netbombing. But it's possible.

So, has anyone else had this problem/are willing to back me up on this?
Is there any way to fix this?
Does anyone even know what the problem is anyway?
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