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Sapphire Summit > More Quickman > Castle Rush


Sapphire Summit:
As said before, the ending isn't that well done and the stage is pretty short, the rope hangs could use some work too, but aside from that, it's a decent level. I had fun playing it for sure. Just work on the enemy selection and make a bit more clear which path to go, I like the amount of secrets but it got confusing sometimes.

Quickman 2:
I really don't know anything about Touhou (so reading Mystic's post with strange German words amused me) but I can see the connection to the first Quickman. I see you improved some of the mechanics.
I liked having checkpoints too, I actually made it through the level. Well, until I got to the boss...
The level design was a bit rough and not that interesting, but the boss, although I couldn't beat her, was really well done.

Castle Rush:
Not that special and with some design issues (multiple exits, a bit boring design). Since this is an old project I think it's okay.
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