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Wants to make maps again
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Well, although it's still in progress, I've been messing with lighting a bit. (Ignore the circular wall in the back, those are extra sectors I haven't deleted yet)

Basically, what's happening here, is there's the natural light that enters the temple that's fading, and a torch that provides light in the darkening corridor, and they eventually fade together in some spots.

This is still in progress, especially since there's going to be a second torch, as per the rest of the temple, so there's going to be light fading from three different sources in the same area.

In other news, but still related to GTZ... I intend to make GTZ a pack of 13 levels. Of course, it'll be over time. The reason I'm doing this is that I felt adding secrets and emblems to my maps was pointless without having something unlocked for it, since otherwise there would be no reason to collect them.

After all, why would you collect a bunch of emblems, with the only purpose for doing so being just so that you can say "Hey, look, I got all the emblems!"? It's practically pointless. So there'll eventually be three main acts, and 10 levels that can be unlocked by either completing levels or collecting emblems, so that there's a purpose for collecting everything.
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