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Update 5.01

"Find frame doubles" has been changed to "Find doubles.
Now thing doubles will be recognized, too.

Shift frames has been implemented.
This helps a lot if you want to combine socs which use same freestates. You just can shift all of the first one and then add it to the second one and your problems are solved.
Note: This even effects the objectstates like SPAWNSTATE, DEATHSTATE, RAISESTATE... etc.

BIG NOTE: Everything works fine IF your file is using SocEdit's orthography.
THING 3         --->     no !
tHiNg 3         --->     still no !!!

Thing 3         --->     YEAH !!!

frame 1337      --->     no !
Frame 1337      --->     no -_-

FRAME 1337      --->     YEAH!!!
Try soccing, it's fun! :>

Check out the wiki: or read the original one:
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