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Default Sonic Robo Blast Versions BEFORE 1.3f

Hello there. I think this may be the correct section for this type of thing, and please don't hate me if I got this in the wrong area. Thank you.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone has a copy of Sonic Robo Blast (The original TGF version) that is before 1.3f?

Currently working on a fan recreation if these older versions aren't found.

Thank you in advance.

I wouldn't be amazed if they're lost to the sanes of time. Plus only 2 people would have some, maybe SSNTails, and for sure Sonikku, contacting them is gonna be a challenge however. since Sonikku isn't that active and SSNTails is eh.

Either that or the testers that were credited in the included txt file.

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