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Originally Posted by Hyperknux
Water Plant 7/10: Now this is a great map. I love the scenery, and the level design.
First things first, thanks for averaging.

Also, thanks for liking the scenery; but I'd like people doesn't just look at the aesthetics part.

In the first day when I started making my map, I wasn't believing I would get a good result... seemed too simple and poor at my eyes. But I had done a project in paper first (like Lift Bridge Zone), I was believing I had a good gimmick.

When I saw my map done and tested some times in SRB2JTE, I realized that I hadn't just obtained an eye-candy map, but a compact, flexible and "flow-able" map. I focused FLOW and AGILITY.

The map has 4 floor levels and ~33 springs so that you can create paths and tricks to hunt and scape. All levels and places are accessible. For example, you can "hide" in upmost windows of building and shoot from them once there are springs that leading you there.

Also, I decided not to use any hazard because I want players don't mind dodging death pits or like, I preferred them concentrating on shooting and hunting.

Originally Posted by Hyperknux
One problem is your weapon rings are quite close in range, and are easy to get, try to spread them out a bit especially the infinity ring. There's 2 so close, and are too easy to get. Also, add some more rings in the stage.
I tried to equilibrate risk and reward. Infinity ring and bomb rings are accessible if you get into tubes with current (thus you can get just one, avoiding weapon abuse a bit, unless if server has set RESPAWNITEMTIME 0). Anyway, I have to agree with you.

Originally Posted by Hyperknux
If this was to be a CTF map, I would of given it an 8.
I actually thought of it: a CTF map with that theme. But I had preferred to make another gametype... Lift Bridge Zone was CTF, now a Match... the next will be a *shot*.
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