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Originally Posted by glaber View Post
to me it was telling me I had to use these guys [ and ]
To me, it's telling me to replace the bracketed things with the Wad file names. (The square brackets aren't supposed to be in the command, as you might have guessed by now from this message.) I'll try to explain it more easily, though.

Navigate to where wadzip.exe is, hold Shift and right-click an empty space, choose "Open Command Prompt" or something, and type wadzip.exe [option] [input] [output] without pressing Enter yet.

Replace "[option]" with "c" to compress the input into the output, or "d" to de-compress the input into the output.

Replace "[input]" with the path to the Wad you want to compress or de-compress. You can get this by Shift-right-clicking the Wad file and choosing "Copy as path", although I haven't tested using a full path like that. If the path has spaces, you'll definitely need to use quotes, but again I haven't tested it with spaces.

Replace "[output]" with the path of the Wad you want to create. This file will be made by wadzip, so it doesn't need to exist already (not sure if it's even allowed to exist). You can use the same path as the input, just adding "compressed" or "decompressed" at the end before .wad, to keep it simple.

Then, once you have something like wadzip.exe c "D:\Path\To\File.wad" "D:\Path\To\FileCompressed.wad", hit enter.
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