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The Sin Heartless

Crobat, Scolipede, Lilligant and Zekrom.

Crobat was the destroyer of the 2nd Gen in my fairly recent playthrough of Pokemon Crystal. Speed combined with Confuse Ray, Bite and even Air Slash made me never despise Zubat ever again. And then in S/M, I Scope Lens Cross Poisoned my way to the top. Classy.

Scolipede, a member of my 5th Gen team of destroyers. Another badass 5th Generation Bug-type. And with multiple generations worth of Bug-type moves, he helped an aspiring veteran like me rise to the top of yet another Pokemon League.

Lilligant, another member of my 5th Gen team of destroyers. Not only too cute to not look at, but after Petal Dancing through almost every opponent in both Gen 5 & 7 except Elite Four and Lusamine II (Cheater.), the power of this dancer has enchanted me and now I can't think of my gaming career without her.

Zekrom, the Dragon of Ideals. For a man like me who breaks all the rules and works for his own motives, the story of this dragon was the first step to breaking away from the influence of the masses. Not only was raining judgment from the skies the coolest thing to me back then, but the lore combined with the surge of power was a perfect way to end my playthrough of B/W. By destroying Cynthia.

I bet you can guess my favorite generation.
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