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Default What is your favorite Pokemon

I've seen many people posting threads about Pokemon, but i haven't found any thread like this, so.

What Is your Favorite Pokemon, you would like to train?
Provide images of the Pokemon so we can know which Pokemon you like, explain his abilities and what type of Pokemon he is, people might be interested in knowing that Pokemon.

Well Just in case here is my Favorite Pokemon:


He is a Grass/Poison Pokemon. In Pokemon games i always like to start with him. His name is a combination of Bulb and Dinosaur.

Here are his abilities:

Solar Beam:

Razor Leaf:

Vine Whip:


He Evolves to:



His Strongest Attack is the solar beam.


So why not post your favorite Pokemon Today.
If you don't have time post your Favorite Pokemon's abilities, post the link of the site that has information about them.

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