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Default Imma just slap some words together.

I do agree that a theme would help, but I really think that's the extent. We basically have to rely on people making maps for the contest. Nothing can push them to do it without offering them money, and don't even dare try that.
So basically I entirely agree with Mystic on this. Nothing can make people take time out of their day to make a great level other than themselves wanting to do so.

And Katmint's 'when it's done' suggestion can be implemented if there happens to be another contest that only has 5 or 6 levels. (thinking about that makes me start to cry)

EDIT: Okay looking at how pitiful the last contest was (I was gone for some time...) I guess I'll try to make an entry for the next one.
That guy who pretends to make maps while he fails at it.

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