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I'm pissed off that I type in this all over.

1. Arid Oasis by HyperKnux. 5/10

Pretty good 2D level but I dont like the part where you have to thok over large areas where you can easily fall into a pit area.

Haven't I already played this level before you entered this to the contest?

2. Elemental Mansion by SonicMaster 8/10

I enoyed this level, has nice level design and linedef actions but it was too easy. I actually beated this on my first try.

3. Limestone Lake by Zanyhead 3/10

What were you thinking, this level dosen't even has an exit + too many enemies, especially surrounding the checkpoint where they can easily hit you after you lose a life.

4. Limestone Lake by Chaos 5/10

You dont have to add ambience sounds where you not close to water. I had a nightmare underwater where the crushers are; it was too cramped.
The worst part of this level was the wind on the starpost. I started off there losing a life to a crawla. Enemies shouldnt be near starposts or at the beginning of the level anyway.

5. Magma Core by Blade T. Hedgehog 6/10

Ow, this level would have a better score but I got stuck on the part where the lava was rising and when I got to the wood part there was no way to go. I think you forgot to place a spring there where the 5 vertical rings are.

6. Techno Meadow by 4/10

Next time, edit your username so we can know who you are.

The level was okay but wasnt basic enough. Never place a starpost in the opposite direction of where you have to get to the goal. I also faced that problem in Red Volcano. Never make the springs deaf where you move the improper direction. I hate controlling the player just to get to another platform.

I enjoyed you guys levels and next time I hope you do better in the next one.

I'm gonna give it what I got next time becuase im going to enter the next one.
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