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Sometimes I sprite "things"
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Default Time to update my introduction because before was too short

Hello, my name is CG, my full name is CarlosGamer, and my real one is Carlos Granado, I have always liked Sonic games since I was 7 years old, and I knew SRB2 since I was 9 years old. a great game actually, especially I liked the part where you could create your own levels, characters, etc.

I am more or less shy with people, I do not know how to defend very well against criticism.

I joined to the community on January 10, 2016. Why do I say this if I met the game in 2008? was because I was very bad with English, if I knew English at that age and registered, I was like an old member. Through the years I learned a lot of English, until I registered. I am sometimes lazy with my creations (wads, coding, drawing, etc). example, I am doing a drawing, and suddenly, I'm lazy to do it. Sometimes I complete my creations, sometimes not. Well, I did my best to make my introduction more detailed.
"The more detail that I put in the sprite, means the effort that I put into it."

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