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The Sin Heartless


I am The Sin Heartless. I grew interested in SRB 2 and the Sonic community recently after another community was divided in half and I drifted away as a result. (SMBX forums. A loose end.) Sonic 3 & Knuckles was the game which brought me close to the Sonic community.

I have no real attachment to any communities or the things you call as "friends" or "bonds". Only the feeling of isolation, emptiness and voices in my head. I could be here one day and drifting away the next. So why not take a risk and see whether my choice was right? My "boat" is already filled with regret, depression and loose ends.

As an aspiring game designer and programmer, my interests lie in making new content. I might not be a god when it comes to pixel art, music or level design and my confidence is as bad as the depth of my depression, but everyone needs to start somewhere. One day I could be making levels and the next day I could end up coding game engines.

I hope I won't be a mere inconvenience to any of you.
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