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Thank you guys! DSZ Dancin' in the Deep is really the first digital song I've made that I feel pretty satisfied with! Glad you guys enjoy it!

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Haha the new Deep Sea Zone music makes me think strongly of SRB2's DSZ's four-note rising motif with Aquatic Ruin's chord progression. It sounds cool!
Bingo! That's dead on. The A section stuck pretty much to DSZ's original chord progression, until the prechorus. Circle of fifths has always been my favorite chord progression, and that is exactly what Aquatic Ruin's progression is! In other words the chorus is exactly that - Aquatic Ruin's chorus/circle of fifths! The B' section pretty much takes that CoF progression, substitutes a few chords, and turns it into a minor variation.

On a different note, I have updated the main post to include the Piano Collections I've been working on.

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