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Originally Posted by glaber
Originally Posted by simsmagic
[color=maroon]Super Special Stage Zone by SonicMaster[/color]: 0/10
(No, just no.)
NOTE: I simply do not have the patience to complete this as Sonic. In fact, there is only one character whom I could play this wad with. Can you guess? HMS123311 of course!
[color=green]Grafix[/color]: Very red. Very eyesory (More new words!), very no.
[color=green]Gameplay[/color]: Running around collecting rings isn't fun, especially if they're are tons of them.
[color=green]Gimmix[/color]: An HMS123311 Chos Control screening shows more then 1000 rings in this area. That's way too many.

HMS123311 video of them coming soon. Check out my YouTube page in a bit.
Wrong. I compleated it as Tails.
I didn't say it wasn't possible, i just said that I didn't have the patience.
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