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Here I am. This time, I will be voting in EVERY gametype. Not all at once, mind you.

Single Player judging is made only be myself on normal difficulty.

[color=maroon]Knux Emerald Quest Zone by SonicMaster[/color] - 3/10 (Very Below Average)
[color=green]Grafix[/color]: Very bland and overused, the GFZ graphics are. There in absolutely no scenery. No rings are found at all.
[color=green]Gameplay[/color]: Emeralds are very easily found in a couple minutes, and I wouldn't be surprised if someone found them all in at least a minute, maybe even less.
[color=green]Gimmix[/color]: No gimmicks, and seemingly nothing makes this level different from any other.

[color=maroon]Sapphire Coast Act 1 by Blade T. Hedgehog[/color] - 7/10 (Very Good)
[color=green]Grafix[/color]: Very detailed, large amounts of scenery, and good use of textures.
[color=green]Gameplay[/color]: Reminds me of Jade Coast, but you already know that. It's a very fun level to play, albeit short. This would be a great first level in a pack.
[color=green]Gimmix[/color]: Not very many gimmicks, but gameplay is still fun enough with what's here.
[color=green]Pointless ramblings (Feel free to ignore)[/color]: I made a level at one point with the same name as this. It was supposed to go into the SRB2 CD pack I was making at one point.

[color=maroon]Omega Tree Zone by RedEchidna[/color] - 5/10 (Average)
[color=green]Grafix[/color]: The repeated texture is a bit hard on the eyes, and doesn't change much throughout the level.
[color=green]Gameplay[/color]: A bit bland really, gameplay consists of going throughout a tree with tons of enemies inside and coming out on top near the exit. Verdant tree related.
[color=green]Gimmix[/color]: Few, multiple paths are present, but some are not worth taking at all.

[color=maroon]Aquatic Basin Zone by Boss[/color] - 3/10 (Very Below Average)
[color=green]Grafix[/color]: Textures change often, but are mostly GFZ related ones.
[color=green]Gameplay[/color]: The entire level consists of going into a lake and juming out of it with a spring. Okay at first, but gets very repetitive.
[color=green]Gimmix[/color]: One gimick which gets old quick. The level itself is very linear with no visible alternate paths.

[color=maroon]Arctic Dewpoint Zone by SonicMaster [/color] - 7/10 (Very Good)
[color=green]Grafix[/color]: Scenery is there, but it could definitly be used more in some places.
[color=green]Gameplay[/color]: It may be that I'm a sucker for NiGHTS maps, but I really had fun here. Double mares kept the level interesting, but some of the powerups were too close together.
[color=green]Gimmix[/color]: NiGHTS maps can't have very many gimmicks due to it's different gameplay. I liked the way it worked though. I recommend you try your hand at another one of these maps, but more sceneric please. (Is that a word? I think I just made up a new word).

[color=maroon]Super Special Stage Zone by SonicMaster[/color]: 0/10
(No, just no.)
NOTE: I simply do not have the patience to complete this as Sonic. In fact, there is only one character whom I could play this wad with. Can you guess? HMS123311 of course!
[color=green]Grafix[/color]: Very red. Very eyesory (More new words!), very no.
[color=green]Gameplay[/color]: Running around collecting rings isn't fun, especially if they're are tons of them.
[color=green]Gimmix[/color]: An HMS123311 Chos Control screening shows more then 1000 rings in this area. That's way too many.

EDIT: HMS123311 Video is up. See my YouTube profile.

Now, it's time for Circuit judging. Very low participation, only 2 other then mine. Oh well. Let us begin!

[color=cyan]Racing into Dreams Zone by SonicMaster [/color] - 4/10 (Below Average)
[color=green]Grafix[/color]: You're floating in space surrounded by HPZ style rocks with absolutly no scenery. Not good.
[color=green]Gameplay[/color]: I thought that there were a bit too many turns throughout the entire race. It was a bit hard to get reorientated after 3 turns at once.
[color=green]Gimmix[/color]: I expected this to be good, like the Artic Dewpoint Zone. Boy was I surprised. It seems to be a large mess of NiGHTS items littered across the race area with a few rocks that you have to fly around.

[color=cyan]Caustic Fortress Zone by SonicMaster[/color] - 2/10 (Mediocre)
[color=green]Grafix[/color]: You're racing in a type of factory surrounded by 1-hit killing goo. the textures are the same throughout this course.
[color=green]Gameplay[/color]: The course consists of running to the end of a factory, being interrupted by flow-breaking jumps every so often. A bit frustrating.
[color=green]Gimmix[/color]: There are no gimmicks. The entire level is the same thing. Run from start to the end, be teleported back to start, lather, rinse, repeat.

[color=cyan]Dimensional Zone, Act 2 by simsmagic[/color] - 1337/9000 (Mine)
[color=green]Pointless ramblings (Feel free to ignore)[/color]: This is the sequel to the original Dimensional Zone in the July/August 2007 contest. I made this because I felt that I could have easily added things to make the zone more interesting. One of those was putting it in circuit mode. I only realized when the submission period ended that I did the NiGHTS section completely and utterly wrong.
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