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Knux Emerald Quest - Sonic Master
Seriously, what the hell is this? It looks like you drew sectors and placed the emeralds at random, not to mention it's Knuckles exclusive. These are the types of levels everyone should try to avoid...

Sapphire Coast, Act 1 - Blade T. Hedgehog

Not bad at all! This was a greatly refreshing map to play in. Nice thing placement, great design, multiple paths, and fun overall. You have the power to make perfectly balanced levels; use it more often. The only problem was it's length. It's too short! If it were as long as, oh say, Nuclear Sunset, you'd definitely get somewhere close to an 8 or 9 because by what I see here, is that you'd utilize the length to your advantage and make this map, more than just a map.

Omega Tree - RedEchidna
Erm, well, trees aren't huge lumps of leaves. Confusing because it only used one uniform texture (or maybe two >.>), but the extra paths were a plus. It kept it interesting for the most part, but it was pretty uneventful and bland. See, the key is to know that enemies alone can't add difficulty to the map! You have to be creative and actually form a problem or obstacle for a player to solve/pass.

Aquatic Basin - Boss

What can I say other than the ceiling was too low, and the fact that you forced players to use water + springs for height? It's up and down, up and down, up and down repeatedly. It gets annoying after a while, and it's pretty boring.

Arctic Dew Point (two words) - SonicMaster
Not bad. It was generally fun to play, and the multiple mares were fun, but there wasn't much going on other than continuous streams of NiGHTS items coming at you. Still, the placement of the item's is basically what counts in a NiGHTS level, and you were spot on. Problems: Lack of visuals, not much of a challenge, no real obstacles to overcome... so it's kind of a "meh" map.

Super Special Stage - SonicMaster

Okay, it's not the WORST special stage, but it is very below par. Clumps upon clumps of rings makes it too easy to complete, and also makes it aggravating because it raises the bar of the amount of rings you need to get. It's best to keep a ratio of rings to get:rings available to about 4:5, not 1:10 like yours.
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