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SP voting here. Yup.

Aquatic Basin by Boss - 6/10

A lot of the level was just running into the pools and finding a spring. Didn't quite like that. One part got me for a minute because the direction of the springs was wrong. Also, no colormaps. Work on that.

Knux Emerald Coast by SonicMaster - 2/10

This stage had no detail, or even objects. (Aside from EH essentials) Did you even think about that?

Arctic Dewpoint by SonicMaster - 5/10

Again, no detail. However, you did include enough hoops, rings and emblems. And why 100 rings each with two mares?

Super Special Stage by SonicMaster - 4/10

A special stage? Why 750 rings? Why the huge bunches of rings?

Omega Tree by RedEchidna - You expect me to vote on my own map?

After I submitted this level, I thought about the design, and started expecting the bad votes. So far, it's better than I thought. Three votes and I got a 6. (GG1 had a 2 average.)

Sapphire Coast 1 by Blade T. Hedgehog - 7/10

The first part looked very JCZ2. As I progressed, it felt like a little larger would've been good. Otherwise, nice map.
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