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As for the current progress... I feel the textures are way too noisy, being seemingly-direct ports from a "realistic"-looking game straight into a "cartoon"-looking game... But I definitely still love it, and look forward to seeing such a kind of "other-game-into-SRB2" mode that contains lots of slopes everywhere.

I would love to help, but... I'm not much of a spriter, texture artist, level designer, Lua scripter, etcetera, and I don't know of any ways to extract sound/music (or other files) straight from the game... So the best way for me to help would be to come up with a name like Sonic Robo Blast 2006 or SRB2006. (Yes, that's the name I have in mind.) Either way, I really wish you a lot of luck with this mod. What you've shown so far looks really neat in my opinion.
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