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Hello everyone! And welcome to my SRB2 Sonic 06 mod! I am working on it and great progress was made so far. Levels are based on the originals but they are not an exact copy. Its like my Heroes mod, similar parts, but most of them are my own level design. I am trying to make them as open as possible!

I dont have plans to add Shadow or Silver. I guess I ll stick to make a great level pack with Sonic s story order, so you can play with any character wad that you want.I will include Chaos Emeralds in the levels as well. It will be released when its finished (with all levels, emblems, and maybe unlockables).

- Wave Ocean
- Dusty Desert
- White Acropolis
- Crisis City
- Flame Core
- Radical Train
- Tropical Jungle
- Kingdom Valley
- Aquatic Base

Help is needed in:
- Music loop and converting to ogg format
- Sprites (Startpost, springs, Goal Ring)
- Bosses? (A Mephiles boss would be nice, not sure about it though)
- Lua coders (I want the Character Select screen to look like the one in Sonic 06)
- Help me think for a good name for the mod! (I want something short... maybe SRB2 06, SRB2 2006 or SRB2 Next-Gen)
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