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Originally Posted by Mystic View Post
The much easier solution is to make the FOF not cast shadows.
I tried it, but I'd like the footbridge casts shadows and.... but hey! shadows can't even get through the water. It's better to remove it; it's worthless keeping it there.

Originally Posted by silver777 View Post
When I played the lift bridge Zone the zoom tubes weren't broken.
Zoom tubes (itself) aren't broken. What I meant was: the camera gets stuck over the uppermost FOF that closes the tubes, if you're playing with 3rd person camera. But, this isn't a problem that only happens with zoom tubes, sometimes when you toggle CHASECAM under a solid FOF, the camera may get stuck over the FOF too.

Originally Posted by Master Cheater View Post
You done nice work with dis wad
Thanks. ^^
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