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Originally Posted by Nekoishi View Post
I'm of the opinion that you guys should just wait till an official repository goes up with everything in releases.

Though it occurs to me that if you guys did set up one for everything that doesn't get into releases, the .. younger portion of the MS would probably not have to deal with sendspace or 4shared anymore, and that'd be a good thing.

Actually, a stable Doomseeker version doesn't mean wad uploading sites will change, Who knows ... maybe someday we'll get a repository specifically for SRB2 , Untill then we have Mega-Dog and similar wad uploading sites .

Originally Posted by Zalewa View Post
SRB2's server query protocol doesn't send any website URLs. It's not possible to get this information from servers so I also disabled the option to set it. I don't think that SRB2 has any command line parameter or console command that would allow to specify website URL.

As I stated before, you need to pester SRB2 devs to add such functionality to the protocol.
It wouldn't hurt to add the rest of features i mentioned in the Ticket page , untill SRB2s developers decide to add that feature .
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