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Progress on the levels is great so far. I am halfway done! I still need textures for both Tropical Jungle and Aquatic Base, so if someone has them or know how to get them, please help me out. If I cant find them, I might use other textures and make some of them myself.

I thought about adding Shadow or Silver, but I dont think they will make a big difference in terms of gameplay. Besides, a lot of people like to play as the character they want instead of being forced to play as Sonic or others (Specifically in servers). However, I will test the levels with other characters to make sure they can still complete it. They will need spindash though.

Chaos Emeralds are just like in my Heroes mod, you will need to find an "Emerald switch" that opens the "Emerald door". They can be nearby the Emerald door, or not at all. There might be a few surprises! :)

And now everyone s favorite part, screenshots! I dont want to give too much away, so only 2 screenshots for now:

Flame Core s dark room. Thats right, you go inside the volcano too!

And I forgot to mention that everyone s favorite ball puzzle from the game is also in this mod :P Dont worry, its not as time consuming as the real one. Its pretty easy this time.
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