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Originally Posted by SRB2WikiSonicMaster
Tslxruf Village, 0/10
Since I was on Gemini's computer, I used OpenGL. And this zone is way too dark even for that renderer. I got lost, and it took BOTH of us over 2 minutes to complete the first lap. We gave up trying to finish it.
Adjust your freaking gamma levels. I played in OpenGL with 3 other people in that same map, and none of us had any trouble what so ever with the lighting. It saddens me that you gave it this rating, because, aside from its impressive visuals, good flow, length, and areas of skill, this map had one thing that on its own makes it worthy of a 10/10.

It made the characters balanced.

Tails, Knuckles, and Sonic. Any of those characters, properly used, could beat any other, and it required skill to be successful in all scenarios. There is no other map in existence that has achieved this feat to any degree what-so-ever.

On IRC, when ZarroTsu asked me what the contest maps were like, he said "So how many were absolute shit and how many were made by Mystic?". I answered, "All but one. One was made by a god." Because up till now, it was assumed impossible to balance the characters in a race map.\

Tslxruf Village, 10/10

I'll rate the other maps later.

EDIT: Also, to respond to some later comments, tails and knuckels had different routes, and how they were balanced still required skill. I cannot stress this enough; you still need to be good as tails or knuckles to win the race. You can't not know how to use spinfly and downfly to oyur advantage and win a race, just like you can't not know how to thok and win a race with sonic. As for the passageways, you need to moderate speed. In the stairs going up and down, you can't thok...but you can spin-dash.
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