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What offends me way more is how clearly wrong their "classic Sonic" physics are. There's clearly no momentum at all.
Not to mention because of the whacked out physics, his momentum gets cut massively when he bounces on an enemy or the moment he goes into those S shaped tunnels, they would normally send Sonic skyrocketing past everything. There is no emphasis on platforming or classic physics at all.

Most of this is a "Hold Right to win" fest with the occassional hit an enemy, spring section or reach an S shaped tunnel. I haven't seen any alternate or branching parts along with secrets. I really hope this is still in beta stage because along with the art style (which looks quite tacky, unless they're mixing Geneations/Lost World styles), looking at the level overall in this current state just feels underwhelming, especially the fact Sonic Generations' Green Hill looks fucking gorgeous and even Sonic Mania's (While still in development) Green Hill Zone looks fantastic and are designed brilliantly.

Also on the video at 1:22, is the Drop Dash confirmed, or is it just a regular spin attack the player does upon landing?
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