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Originally Posted by Shadow Hog
Originally Posted by srb2kirbyo
Umm Srb2Me is not 1.1, If it was then it could be called 1.1
Last I checked, it is 1.1. Check the version number: 1.10.0.
That is weird.

Cause the of these lines of the wiki
Originally Posted by srb2wiki
SRB2ME will include some of the new stages from 1.1.
SRB2: Marriage Edition is the next upcoming copy of SRB2, implementing a lot of features from Version 1.1 to the game.
The weapon/emerald system from Version 1.1 is included in SRB2ME.
Unless you are saying that the wiki is wrong(or out-dated) or the pronoun "it" is referring to something else.
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