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And because nobody has bothered to post the results yet, let me do it. Please double-check my math in case I made a mistake somewhere:

Mad Gadget Zone by Simsmagic & Kyasarin           45344433544344545435545  94
Eggslimer Battle Zone by Boinciel & Prime 2.0     12012102220010100201101  20
Fire Castle Zone by Profesor Oak                  21120251112222231112212  39
Gleaming Caverns Zone by 742mph                   03533324333433423343334  71
 Neo Canyon Zone by Chrome                         54255545455555354554453 102
Thawing Icecap Zone by Scooby Doo                 30401010001101012020020  19

Angel Lava Zone by Ariel & Eva                    0010010000000  2
 Generic Canyon Zone by Sryder13                   4244434344141 42
Match Meadow Zone by Chrome                       2323323433323 36
Refrigerator Zone by Zipper                       1101101111212 13
Volcano Valley Zone by CoatRack                   3432242222434 37

 Mine Maze Zone by Spherallic & CoatRack           122222211122 20
Mount Revolvius Zone by Eblo                      001011000010  4
Final Destination Zone by Scizor300 & Kyasarin    210100122201 12
I excluded one vote, which was Eva's, because she didn't include her own map in the vote. Gladly, there were no ties (although two were narrowly avoided), so less work for me. Also, quite a few people apparently didn't read the opening post, where it clearly and in bold states that you should separate your vote from your comments. This really does make it a lot easier for whoever tallies the vote. Anyway, congratulations to Chrome, Sryder13, Spherallic and CoatRack.

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