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Wow, compared to the last contest, not much has changed. No offense intended to any of the mappers, but a lot of these maps look like they belong back in the 1.09.4 era. I have to say I'm a bit surprised to see so many levels here without deaf rings and/or complete thok barriers. Seeing as I didn't enter a map myself this time, I guess I can't say too much. Anyway, using the new system of voting, my results are as follows in order from OK to not so okay:

Single Player Maps:
Gadget > Gleaming Caverns > Neo Canyon > Fire Castle > Eggslimer Battle > Thawing Icecap

Multiplayer (CTF):
Mine Maze > Final Destination > Mount Revolvius Zone

Multiplayer (Match):
Volcano Valley > Match Meadow > Refrigerator > Generic Canyon > Angel Lava

Comments Ahoy!

Single Player (Part A)


Mad Gadget:

It has some nice gimmicks, but still has some bugs to be worked out. For example, some of the crushers currently move a bit fast for Tails and Knuckles, especially the one that's in 2D mode. Also, the conveyor belt near the end looks a little strange not moving since one end leads to a death pit. It was a good idea with the glass walls for the turret room and the various gravity changing panels, though they could still use some work. These panels are likely confuse those who enter them without much height or speed. Adding a wind current (such as a fan concept) or splitting each one into two unidirectional panels should solve this issue. Other than some minor graphic glitches and lack of alternative paths, this map was actually done quite well, good job!

Overall: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10
Layout: 6/10
Replay Value: 6/10

EggSlimer Battle Zone:
It was a nice proof of concept with the EggSlimer boss itself, but unfortunately it's just that. It might be interesting to see if something similar to this could be done with Lua scripting when 2.1 gets released publicly. If I was just judging Eggman, I would say he and his machine would get a 7/10 overall. Good scripting, I know it took some time getting this to work. It was fun to lure Eggman down the narrow passages and to see how long it would take for him to get stuck. By the way, the tracks are too high to just run across in certain sections and require jumping. It's mostly just the 4 corners that are the issue.

Overall (Map ± Eggman): 2/10
Graphics: 2/10
Layout: 1/10
Replay Value: 1/10

Fire Castle Zone:
It has nice music that seems to to match the theme of the level quite well. Unfortunately, there are way too many clustered enemies throughout the level and some of the texturing seems rushed. Generally it's bad practice to have to rely on power-ups for safe progression. There seems to be a huge overuse of black (~Pit) textures, for example the bars letting in light are black on both sides while it's both black/dark inside and light outside. Another issue I have with this level is that there are too many fire jets! The map would have to be significantly larger to justify having this many, especially for net-games. Some of the lava pits are a bit deep to escape without an element shield, even for tails.

Overall: 4/10
Graphics: 5/10
Layout: 4/10
Replay Value: 4/10

Gleaming Caverns Zone:
It was of good quality considering the amount of content, but it seemed some areas were quite a bit more accident prone than need to be. To be blunt, this map was a bit boring, although the 2D sections and alternate path for Knuckles were great additions. There was some great gimmicks and the scripting was good, it was a bit repetitive to keep my interest. I didn't really like how so many of the enemies had to be spindashed to be defeated. This concept is okay sometimes, but it might have been overused here. Better placement of enemies and a few layout changes would improve this map greatly. Also, the last checkpoint got me lost for minute on my first run with Tails as I wasn't expecting the level to end so close to there. I can see your reasoning, but it's probably not needed.

Overall: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10
Layout: 6/10
Replay Value: 7/10

Neo Canyon Zone:
It's not too bad for a demo, but I think it would have done better if it was entered into the next contest instead. The biggest issues with this map are the excessive number Robothoods and the high number of glitches as shown below. It's just too blocky for my taste, I don't like how Sonic has little to no access to the upper sections. There's nothing in this level that's meant specifically for Sonic as there is for Tails and Knuckles.

Loading levels such as this with older computers is a bad idea. It might be worth limiting the number of RobotHoods in each sector to a few less. Using more modern machines, this is only a small issue on slow networks. It looks strange to see so many arrows flying around. Being unplayable on my Wii due to it's size and not bad map design actually increased my rating for it slightly. It looked good in Doom Builder too, but it had a lot of errors and missing textures. I guess this understandable as it's just a demo. It was quite fun playing in coop mode.

Look out for the arrows Aero!

RobotHoods causing lag (and using Chaos Control) on my Wii.

Aero being Aero...

Might want to fix this, a high jump down into this could leave Sonic stuck, like Tails sort of was here. Flying or climbing are the only way out here.

...and finally this (ignore the ring count, I just used "setrings").

Where's Waldo (I mean Aero)?

Graphics: 4/10 (A lot of missing walls)
Layout: 5/10
Replay Value: 7/10
Single Player (Part B)

Single Player Map Reviews (Continued...)

Thawing Icecap:

Some things that could be done to improve this map are using deaf rings, fixing/implementing correct thok barriers, reducing the excessive number of enemies, increasing friction, giving the player some sign of direction (such as a more obvious goal), and reduce the number of fire jets (it lags bad). This level was hard to test as my computer kept running low on CPU every time the fire started. I didn't even bother testing this on my Wii as my i3 laptop could barely handle all the fire jets, this decreased my rating for the level as levels aren't suppose to lag like this (bad design). I was unable to as Sonic as there were a lot of cheap deaths waiting on ever turn. Even the springs were deadly. I'm not sure if it was bad math on the spring placement or a just a lack of testing, but they should've been placed better. Remember, springs aren't the enemy
. Also, the evergreen trees are way out of perspective and the only real reward for climbing one is a 1 up. Maybe you should consider putting elevators in the tree trunks or doing something that makes it worth it to climb them.

Overall: 4/10
Graphics: 3/10
Layout: 2/10
Replay Value: 5/10

Multiplayer (CTF)


Mine Maze Zone:
Great job with the tracks, and sector placement. I suggest more detail with what I assume are mine carts and fixing the pits that are inconsistent. Some pits result in instant death while others don't do anything. I like how this level is more enclosed than the average CTF levels for a change.

There's not much I could suggest that could be done to improve this map other than maybe a few minor layout changes regarding heights. It would be so neat if polyobjects weren't so buggy, then you might be able to add movable floor activated mine carts to this level using waypoints. By buggy, I'm not referring to rendering issues in vanilla SRB2, but rather the glitch that currently occurs when pushing against a moving polyobject when it's trying to stop (mine cart would fall apart).

Graphics: 8/10
Layout: 7/10

Final Destination Zone:
This map really needs gravity reduction and some more polish. There's not much to say here other than it's quite flat and needs better item placement. To me, it seems quite generic in its current state. By the way, standing on your home platform is a bad idea here when the flag is on the base, especially during a net game or with a low-end computer. You should take a look at fixing this as this much beeping isn't normal.

Graphics: 6/10
Layout: 3/10

Mount Revolvius Zone:
Maybe if in a match contest with Angel Lava Zone, it might not have been rated last in its category. It was an interesting idea, but I would suggest giving the blue team some rings, making the mountain easier to climb (if you could call it that), placing the red teams base inside/underneath the mountain, and placing the teleporter about halfway down. Also, to be fair, I would suggest making another teleporter of the same style for the red team on the other side.

I really abused the setup of the map by just hiding around the blue base, blasting my way through while picking up the flag and tossing it off the edge to the red base. Most of the times I got quite close to getting the flag right to my (the red) home base, and someone down there just picked it up for the point. It was nearly impossible for the blue team to defend their base without rings. With more than two players, jumping was nearly suicide for anyone on blue as it was almost always a one hit kill before any of them even reached the ground.

With one player, the opposite happens and blue team always wins in the longterm due to a lack of offense ability from the red team. In it's current state, this stage should have probably also had a force skin setting so everyone would be Tails since Sonic can't scale the mountain and Knuckles would be shot before ever reaching the top (that is, if blue ever had any rings). Maybe it should have been named "King of the Cliffside", it definitely has a "King of the Mountain" type game-play.

Graphics: 2/10
Layout: 2/10

Multiplayer (Match)

Multiplayer (Match) Map Reviews

Volcano Valley Zone:
With the exception of one of the skies being twice that of elsewhere and Knuckles being able to climb up a wall to hide there, there's nothing that's bad about this map. It's actually done quite well. You probably should consider making the upper sections easier for Sonic to reach as it would only take a snipper watching certain key platforms to prevent Sonic from even reaching the upper levels as there is usually just one way to reach it in each area. I like how it's not possible to pass through the floor where the lava-falls are.

Graphics: 7/10
Layout: 7/10

Match Meadow Zone:
This is quite a bit better than the default Meadow Jade Match, but suffers from the same issues. The biggest issue for me is that anyone using Knuckles can climb higher on the wall than even what tails can fly in some areas (therefore also out of aiming range for non OpenGL users who can't look straight up as Sonic). Sonic stands little chance against Knuckles as Knuckles could just glide and fire from above. This concept really works great (and annoys the victims) when there is a lot players in a cramped area and someone with Knuckles has grenades falling while gliding. By the way, I'm not sure if this is one of shortcomings of SRB2 or just a mapping error, but I found some grass in the sky.

I wonder if this is solid?

Graphics: 7/10
Layout: 6/10

Refrigerator Zone:
Now this is one refrigerator that's not so cool. I don't understand naming; is this suppose to be an inside joke, an acronym, or a reference to something? It's a shame so much work had to go into this, it's just not meant to be a multiplayer map in it's current state (it's just too big). As others have mentioned already, there is currently an issue with the SRB2 collision detection regarding fast moving solid platforms. Spin-dashing can lead to death if done on a fast moving platform. The platforms with the fire (torch stands I guess) should also be completely solid from the bottom too and also have thicker platform to prevent accidental damage.

Also, the sand pits all should result in damage/death before reaching the bottom. Your not consistent with this and besides, weird things will happen when passing through sand as in the screenshot below, though the sand offers perfect protection to those without a shield. In the screenshot, I wasn't trying to hide and/or make glass, but rather just show how to make fire and set grenades (I mean land mines) in the sand. I'm sure in a normal competitive match others would get suspicious if they seen a shield with no one in it or heard beeping coming from the sand.

This just makes a temporary resting point for the quite snippers who have played the map previously.

Graphics: 7/10
Layout: 6/10

Generic Canyon Zone:
Other than the fact that Sonic can't get to some of the higher platforms, it's actually not that bad. As a suggestion, I think adding some tumbleweed might make for some good decoration, just don't go overboard. With some modifications, this would be a great level to mix something like exploding tumbleweed with (I think someone already did a proof of concept SOC for this though). As I mentioned before with the sand in Refrigerator Zone, the grey liquid stuff here needs to do damage or take a life and not allow for what is shown below.

The air down here is getting a little stale.

Strange why the others aren't showing up here in my screenshot...

Graphics: 5/10
Layout: 4/10

Angel Lava Zone:
Wow, what can say that hasn't been already said? It's not too bad for a first map, but it's not ready for judging yet. It's generally bad practice to make hazards (such as lava) that doesn't hurt players or to place death sector randomly in the middle of a map like this. I like how the player can move from platform to platform without jumping, but that's about it. At least you have thok barriers and there is little wrong with the sectors that are there, just next time spend more time on the design.

Also, like some others here, rings are suppose to be deaf. In other words, they are normally suppose to float 32 units above their floor (at least) and not spin on the floor like tops. Of coarse, there are exceptions to this and during the next contest I plan on demonstrating a few examples of this. Don't get discourage, map building using this ancient engine is a challenge that will take time and people shouldn't be giving any non joke maps here zero unless they don't load or always result in instant death. Anything that loads shows effort!

Graphics: 1/10
Layout: 1/10

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