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Mad Gadget > Neo Canyon > Gleaming Caverns > Fire Castle > Eggslimer Battle > Thawing Icecap

Generic Canyon > Match Meadow > Volcano Valley> Refrigerator > Angel Lava

Final Destination > Mine Maze > Mount Revolvius

Spoiler: comments
I miss being able to tie maps.

I don't have much to say that hasn't already been said, so my comments will just be small bits of criticism.

Neo Canyon has a nasty case of lazy waterfall syndrome. It's a pet peeve of mine when people use the waterfall top texture for the entire waterfall. It looks so ugly and unnatural.

Eggslimer Battle is an annoying reminder that the rules for some reason don't disallow maps that are just boring boss battles.

I can't tell if Refrigerator is a joke map or not. Either way, it's way too big and empty.

Final Destination is like, totally boring, but at least the map doesn't make me actively hate it. Also, you should have stuck a rail panel somewhere way out in space so you could grab it and screw with people.

Mine Maze has decent visuals but the map is way too big and confusing and there's too many obscure corners where the flag carrier can just hide and stall the game forever.

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