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Neo Canyon Zone> Gleaming Cavern Zone> Mad Gadget Zone> Thawing Icecap Zone> Fire Castle Zone> Eggslimer Battle Zone

Neo Canyon Zone- Easily the best map in this contest. It really well designed, the aesthetics work well, and it is a lot of fun to play through. Despite its short length it is very replayable.

Glorious Cavern Zone- This map is fair. The texturing looks pretty nice, but in later sections it starts looking less impressive than it does at the start.

Mad Gadget Zone- The level has nice concepts going for it and that is about it. In the 2D section where the platform dips into the pool of slime was pretty neat. The bouncing gimmick and the gravity gimmick were both ideas that could work out better if they were refined and fleshed out. The bouncing gimmick slows down momentum considerably when trying to speed through the level. Trying to progress through the stage with gravity gimmick is a bit of pain when trying to re-position in order to get to the next part. Overall, the map felt empty and could have had more activity.

Fire Castle Zone- The map was really plain. The enemy spam does not help it one bit and there was not anything done in the zone to make it unique. The path that should be taken should have been made more clear, if I did not decide to hit any of the item boxes I probably would have never known that would have opened up a path when playing through this level.

Thawing Icecap Zone- This map has the same issue as the one above albeit being at a lesser extent when it comes to enemies. Most of the diagonal springs if not all of them overshoot you which can be a pain in the neck. Forcing the player to get a Whirlwind Shield to progress takes away from the level. The player should be able to progress without it. A better way to implement the idea would be to put the Whirlwind Shield in an earlier section or make it hidden so that way you could use it as a way to reward the player for keeping it by having it used to reach an alternative route or by having it be used to get better items. Reading the name of this map, Thawing Icecap, I was kind of expecting to see sinking floors and collapsing platforms since some of the ice is suppose to be melting do to the lava.

Eggslimer Battle Zone- I guess it was a nice way to add some more challenge to Egg Slimer, but I was expecting a bit more than just a boss level with Egg Slimer with rotating spikes.

Not quite done with the reviews, but I am definitely going to finish them when I replay a couple of the stages again.
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