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Neo Canyon > Mad Gadget > Gleaming Caverns > Eggslimer Battle > Fire Castle > Thawing Icecap


Neo Canyon:
Packed to the brim with replayability, whether it be through Sonic 3 & Knuckles like pathing, tons of secrets, tons of areas to go to, great enemy placement, and fair difficulty. I really wish the vanilla levels themselves took this level design route. Too bad it had to be rushed into the OLDC, if it were longer it'd be really something. Can't wait to see how it is in it's final version.
Gleaming Caverns
Crumbling platforms with NO visual ques are terrible (not even falling, CRUMBLING LIKE BUSTABLE WALLS). Tons of moving platforms are terrible. The slow moving lava spout platforms at the end that crush you on the ceiling and force you to make a leap of faith is terrible. Besides that, it was alright, a lot of monotonous sections where you had to jump on the jolly rancher colored platforms over and over though.
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