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MadGadget,NeoCanyon1,GleamingCaverns,Thawing Icecap, FireCastle2, EggSlimer Battle Zone.

1) MadGadget = 10/10 > Good Level Design, slightly difficult gameplay, reminds me of ERZ2.
2) NeoCanyon1 = 8/10 > Very nice level design and use of enemies, but it's a bit short.
3) Gleaming Caverns = 6/10 > Nice level design and textures, like the custom enemies, very difficult.
4) Thawing Icecap = 4/10 > The level design is good but there are too many enemies in one area.
5) FireCastle2 = 2/10 > The level is a bit basic and is very confusing at the start also it is very difficult.
6) Very good level design but most areas have no use, you might as well make Eggman fly inside the tunnels with a soc edit.

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